Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • logiclife
    03-28 10:55 PM
    The webfax feature already does that for us.

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  • Templarian
    03-10 09:45 PM
    Yes, you have stylus input that you can use. Its just like windows form. If stylus is down while move(like mouse move) then you draw on the bitmap or graphic).

    The stylus (mouse) events are probably different its been a while sense I developed for it. Draw the bitmap and then draw that to the form.

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  • beautifulMind
    04-22 02:38 PM
    so what do we do now..How can we get the accurate wage

    if we go there the jobzone is NA and hence the salary cannot be accurately determined hence by rule just out level 1 wage

    O*Net� JobZone: NA

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  • roseball
    07-26 09:03 PM
    Hi All,

    My 6th year finishes October 2010. My LC is pending for more than one year. If I transfer my H1B from Company A to Company B, Can I get 7th year extension with Company B based on pending Labor with Company A?


    Yes, company B can file for extension of your H1 for 1 yr by attaching proof of labor filing showing it has been filed and its pending for more than an year.


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  • rickys_in
    10-04 03:16 PM
    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?

    Just get it renewed while you are in US.
    Its a one day affair to get your passport renewed(in person). You submit all your docs in the morning and pick it up in the evening.

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  • archanais
    07-19 07:43 PM
    I am in a worst scenario , just changed a job couple of months ago. I have labor and I-140 approved from Company A. I have even paid $6000 to company A to sponsor my GC and $5500 for a visa transfer. After joining company B i didn't start labor again. Begging Company A to give an employement letter , they have even cancelled my H1b visa so I can't join them back unless i pay H1b visa transfer fee and a pay-cut. Wondering if it is even worth it ?

    Planning to inform this to DOL and USCIS , how employers can be sooo greedy


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  • alterego
    08-05 11:33 PM
    Then the big C may have to deal with the Deeez in majority in congress. A democratic congress will pass a most liberal immigration bill they can imagine. The republicans will be far better served compromising now than waiting if democrats take congress. Right now the Dems, the Prez and the Senate are on the same page.

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  • Desertfox
    08-11 09:23 PM
    I am getting my GC processed on a future employment offer. I already have my EB3 I-140 approved from NSC after A2P RFE, and my I-485 is pending since July 07. I plan to join my sponsoring employer shortly using my EAD, but my attorney told me that I have the optio to wait until I-485 approval. Hope this helps.


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  • SageDad
    03-16 06:50 AM
    Hi to all,
    I met with a potential client who is an illegal immigrant living in the US. She has a child who is a US citizen. The father was voluntarily deported and the mother gave him permission to take the child back to their home country to visit the grandparents. The father was supposed to make sure the child returned to the US within 3 months. It has been 6 months. If my client files an application under the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, will the US Government begin deportation proceedings?

    She should file the Hague application. Her immigration status should not be an issue. This link can give you more information:

    International Family Law: Hague Abduction Convention and Immigration Status (

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  • h1bee
    09-17 08:58 AM
    My H1B was cancelled at the US consulate under 221g and I 797 not returned to me. I work for a consulting company at a major client. I guess the cancellation occurred because of Neufield memo, as in my case the client supervises my work. The reason given in the white letter to me says:

    "your petitioner does not appear to be either willing or able to provide qualifying employment in the United States in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations"........"action on your case has been suspended and the I129 application will be returned to USCIS with the facts of your case presented at the time of interview".

    What are my options now? I work through a vendor (i.e mycompany->vendor->client). My vendor has agreed to file for H1B on my behalf. Can they file for a new H1 or does this cancellation mean that I cannot apply anymore?



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  • dsairam
    10-11 07:15 PM
    My case was filed Aug 8th (NSC), received Reciept notice (email from lawyer) on Sep 18th and FP notice on Oct 4th. The FP appointment is tomorrow.

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  • kirupa
    11-12 02:09 PM
    That bug does ring a bell actually. Resizing is a bit of a hassle in WPF - especially if you aren't using the default Windows chrome.

    I will need to revisit this tutorial in the future and address some of the pain points that you and others have mentioned :)


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  • kumarr
    04-08 01:19 PM
    How long it take (in terms day) to receive actual RFE mail notice after LUD status update online about RFE?

    No RFE so far. Like I said all I see is new LUDs and all the online messages on i-485 cases say "case received and pending" on all cases. All cases are at Nebraska.

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  • nashim
    07-10 01:41 PM
    you need to check VFS site every day/hour, if you are lucky, you might get one if some one cancel any appointment


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  • senk1s
    11-26 06:47 PM
    1) I got my EAD 3 months back. Also received my AP in Oct. Typically how long is the journey from EAD to actual GC?
    There is no correlation between the two. GC is based on your priority date and nationality

    2) When does the 180 day period for AC21 begin? The day I sent my 140/485 packet or the receipt date (behind the cashed check) of my 140/485 application?
    The sending date has no significance. It should be the receipt date (sometimes notice date is 'better')
    3) Now that I have my EAD, do I need to do anything at this point? I already have a SSN. Does the SSN change after getting EAD? Do I need to apply for I-9 or something?
    If you are working on H1, nothing

    4) Have people been successful with AC21? What if I want to move on to another role (different in responsibilities from my current role)? Can I still use AC21?
    You may read all about AC21 here

    PS: My company lawyers are very unfriendly and rude. So thanks for your help in advance.
    If they are being paid for the services, they better give the services - Complain to HR
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    EB3, TSC, PD - Dec 06, 1st FP done, Filed 140 & 485 during the July rush

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  • roseball
    03-08 01:00 PM
    Since your Father in law is a Central Govt Employee, i believe the reason they issued a white 221g is because he may not have provided a NOC (No objection Certificate) from the govt which should state that he is just travelling to US for tourism purposes and not for job related travel. This was how i had to get my father in law to get a NOC inorder to get his stamping done. Once they saw the NOC, they granted the visa.

    My 2 cents.

    He had the NOC with him and he did mention it to the Visa Officer about the NOC and she mentioned its not required and asked him to email his CV to the email address listed in the white slip for further processing.


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  • kannan
    03-27 03:14 PM
    Can anybody tell the stages in I 485 approval.
    Backround check
    previous status in this country

    what else they check during this stage?

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  • Appu
    08-18 04:49 PM
    I am hoping someone can shed some light on this situation:

    I filed 140 and 485 concurrently (July, 2007). Today I received an email update saying that a RFE has been sent about my 485 petition. There's a LUD update for my 485 but my 140 seems untouched. What kind of issues with the case would prompt an RFE for the 485 before the 140 is processed? Is this for a second set of fingerprints or could this be something more serious? Thanks in advance for your responses.

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  • saps
    10-17 10:43 AM
    There are very few private loan options that you have. If you have a co-signer who is permanent resident or a US Citizen, you have a bigger pool of options but I know of one organization "Access Group" who give out loan if your stay in US is more than 3 yrs + if you have 4 credit cards in your name..You can dig into more details by googling them.
    Most of the schools in US also have a tie up with TMS (tuition management system) which let you pay your semester fees in monthly installments. You might want to check that out too. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

    03-27 10:48 PM
    My EB3 labor priority date is Oct-2004.

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